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Status Lifestyle

  • Has Covid-19 changed the way we dress for good?

    This comfy new trend is here to stay, and thank god for that.  

  • Could loungewear actually be healthier for us?

     Before you reach for those skinny jeans... read this. Your comfy outfit choices might actually be doing more for you than you think.


  • Shows To Watch While You Lounge

    We've compiled our favourite binge-worthy shows so that you can check out from life for a moment, slip into your comfiest loungewear, and get lost ...
  • Meet Status Clo

    Founder, Chloe McCormack, shares the journey and inspiration behind Status Clo Loungewear.
  • How to Style Loungewear

    Loungewear is the new 2020 uniform, so we've pulled together a few looks to help you style your favourite comfy pieces for every occasion.