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Has Covid-19 changed the way we dress for good?

If you’re wearing tracksuit pants while you’re reading this, you’re not alone. Loungewear is the uniform of 2020 and it looks like it’s here to stay. With our new way of life, fashion houses are pivoting from structured collections to soft, willowy garments in support of a home-based lifestyle. 

Our preferences for the types of clothing we’re buying are changing, with our working from home circumstances making comfort our priority. We’ve gone from wearing respectable work attire to greeting co-workers from the waist up in comical t-shirts and cosy jumpers.


According to a recent Roy Morgan report, over 4.3 million Australians have been forced to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, with many organisations declaring more flexible working from home options for the foreseeable future. Such is the case for Optus, who confirmed that their working from home operations have been so successful that their Australia- based call centre workers will be encouraged to continue to work from home after lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Personally, I feel so much more productive and happy working away in loungewear as opposed to feeling restrained by a pair of skinny jeans, uncomfortable heels and a stiff-fitting blazer.


However, even pre- Covid, I have often felt dissatisfied with the loungewear options available for women, too often did the styles project an ‘I’ve just rolled out of bed’ look that didn’t exactly make me feel beautiful, sexy or stylish.


It would’ve been late 2018 when I got chatting to some friends and discovered we all had the same issue, we could maybe cite two or three brands that we thought had nice pieces, but their cuts either weren’t flattering or they were ridiculously expensive.


The lack of options stuck in my mind for quite some time until I felt inspired to design my own range of transitional loungewear, starting work on the patterns in early 2019 and eventually launching Status Clo in June 2020.


I have always loved abstract modern art and line illustration for how striking, yet simple it is, so drawing on this inspiration I came up with the concept to collaborate with Australian artists and illustrators for each collection, creating striking prints that bring a new level of sophistication to loungewear.


Our garments are ethically made with high quality, sustainably sourced cotton to ensure they last from season to season. My goal with the brand is to continue to create quality, lasting pieces that support the unpredictability of women’s schedules. Whether it’s working from home or dashing out to Sunday afternoon drinks with friends, Status Clo is designed to be comfortably transitional.


As 2020 continues to be the year of change, dressing comfortably isn’t a trend that I can see us walking away from, and I hope to see many more fashion houses adapting to our new way of life by catering to both comfort and style.

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