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Meet Status Clo

I have always loved being comfortable, and that might sound like an obvious statement because who doesn't like being comfy? But over time, that feeling of relaxation and contentment felt when sinking into the couch after a busy, stressful day, became my favourite sense of relief, and I guess in a way it became something I often craved. 


I started my first brand, Srsly Honey for similar reasons, an opportunity to encourage women to use skincare as a meditative experience. I would put on my comfiest, not-so-attractive clothes, apply the Srsly Honey face mask, pour a glass of wine and basically find myself consumed in my own version of therapy. These little rituals which I refuse to call self-care (relieving stress and anxiety is not a trend or a hashtag!) became the essence of my skincare brand. As comfortable as I may have been, there was still something missing, I didn't feel sexy or beautiful lounging around in a daggy pair of tracksuit pants and an old hoodie. 
In fact, I was very dissatisfied with my selection of unflattering  sweatpants and jumpers, so I set out to find cute loungewear that would make me feel sexy and stylish even if I was only venturing from the couch to my local coffee shop. 
My search was dismal, and this was pre-covid when loungewear wasn't the flavour of the month. I got chatting to some friends and we all had the same issue, we could maybe cite two or three brands that we thought had nice pieces, but their cuts either weren't flattering and transitional, or they were ridiculously expensive.
After struggling to find what i was after, I got to work designing my own range, enlisting the help of my talented artist friends to make my vision come to life. I have always loved abstract modern art and line illustration for how striking, yet simple it is. Drawing on this inspiration I created a brief for my artists; create beautiful artwork that celebrates the states we find ourselves in as women. 


And thus, Status Clo Loungewear was born, launching with its debut collection, Status Dreamer; a tribute to the moments of creativity, imagination and dream-like states brought on by Covid19 self isolation.
The focus is and will always be, on creating contemporary lounge and leisurewear that's comfortable, yet strikingly stylish. 
Thank you for reading, and welcome to your new comfort zone. 
All my love,
Chloe McCormack
Founder, Status Clo


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