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About Us

Our Mission

Status Clo's mission is to make comfort your priority without sacrificing style. 

Versatility is at the heart of everything we create, we focus on upgrading your wardrobe with noteworthy pieces that you'll feel just as beautiful lounging at home in as you will venturing out of the house. 

Adorned with head-turning prints, including exclusive collaborations with Australian Artists, our garments are composed of high quality, natural fabrics, and are designed to be dressed up or down, depending on your schedule.


Sourcing and Production 

Our garments are designed in Sydney, Australia, by founder; Chloe McCormack. Our production takes place in China by a family owned factory who maintain fair working conditions and follow ethical workplace practices. 
Whilst slow fashion goes well beyond just picking an ethical factory, we pride ourselves on the manufacturers we partner with. We encourage slower production schedules, fair working conditions and ideally zero waste when possible.
The cotton we use is sourced from a fabric supplier based in Hong Kong which has been analysed and vetted by our experienced manufacturing agents in Melbourne.

We take a sustainable approach by working with natural fibres and nurturing relationships with our production partners. Our fabric is lab tested to confirm the accuracy of its composition - ie;  that it is 100% cotton. 

Working with natural fibres means we can work towards a world where fashion is less harmful to the environment. More than 500,000 tonnes of textiles and discarded fashion items end up in landfill in Australia alone which is why we focus on ensuring each Status Clo garment is made from natural fibres and can therefore be recycled once it reaches the end of its lifecycle. 


The Inspiration

Founder, Chloe McCormack started Status Clo after struggling to find comfortable clothing that could be worn from lounging on the couch to social outings and even work occasions. After struggling to find what she was looking for, Chloe came up with the idea to start her own brand that catered to the ever changing schedules of the contemporary woman. The focus of the brand is to create the perfect synergy between comfort, style and femininity with an emphasis on 'couch to cocktails' versatility.